Pot! The Musical

Opened Apr 2, 2010
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Let's see: It's a musical. It's about marijuana. It's playing in Venice. This one will probably sell tickets. Pot! The Musical begins with an assemblage of the Founding Fathers (John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock) before we turn our attention over to people of the present day. Sweetie, our heroine, has some brownies to take to her church gathering. Razz, her boyfriend, and his pal Sid have a plate of their own (ahem) agriculturally enhanced brownies that they plan to take to the Pot Fest in the park. Somehow, some way, the plates get switched. Oh dear. The Reverend and his church flock march to the park to protest the presence of the potheads (those purveyors of Evil and Sin) at the Pot Fest. But some people eat certain brownies not intended for them. Will this be the road to Hell...or something else?

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