No Word in Guyanese for Me

Opened May 14, 2011
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Poetic and lyrical, Wendy Graf's newest play explores religious and sexual identity, parental bonds, and clashing cultures in the story of a young, gay immigrant who must reconcile her sexuality with the teachings of her Muslim faith. We experience Hanna's childhood in the small Caribbean nation of Guyana on the north coast of South America, and travel with her family to Queens, N.Y. to join a growing enclave of Guyanese émigrés. Deeply religious, Hanna comes of age in pre- and post-9/11 New York, where she finds herself tested by faith and family. From a disastrous arranged marriage to her sexual awakening, Hanna finally discovers that there can be someone for whom she is enough.


Anna Khaja to Star in Wendy Graf's No Word in Guyanese for Me - Apr 14, 2011

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