Nightmare Alley



Disillusioned 4

And Barbour knocked it out of the park! The rest was really crap, and hard to believe that it was done by adults. Professional musicians. If you like the same song played slower or faster and add or remove an instrument here and there, just enough to change it around, thats what you got. It was kind of a slap stick/baudville type music popular in the 30s, nothing we all havent heard a thousand times. Extremely ordinary in every way and moreover funky and childish. I couldnt believe grown ups wrote it. As I audience member I was thinking to myself "didnt they already play this one?" It was embarrassing. I guess if this play was performed by our local high school kids; it would have been quite good. It would have also been a five dollar show; which is what Nightmare Alley was worth. Not to take anything from the actors...they were good. The production was good. The content and music was silly and childish. But hey if you like silly no plot musicals; this is the one for you.

Disillusioned 3

on because...I dont know why. I guess they felt they had to make us suffer through almost two hours because we had to get our monies worth. Im told they worked on this production for 10 years, I think someone along the line after 3 years should have just pulled the plug. Either make sense of it or get out of it. But god forbid, you just keep pouring more money into hoping to get it off the ground and only to dupe the rest of us out of 55 bucks. The play dragged on and on, no content, no connection from one scene to another, just more confusion and waiting for the whole thing to start. After way too long I was waiting for it to end. I couldnt believe it, the looks and the sound quality was so good, the production was very good...but there was no content. Now. The music. After all this is suppose to be a musical. More of the same. Disillusionment. I know the guys that did the music must have stocked up on beer and knocked all the music out in a weekend! Very poor. One song was good.

Disillusioned 2

better. The jest of the story is the character PeterI think accidentally drank the wrong booze from a bottle he seem to switch, witch didnt make and sense but he drank it any way and died. The main character Stan felt responsible for the death of Peter when it seemed to me Peter went and purposely drank from a bottle other than his own a bottle Stan was drinking from why it killed Peter and not Stan was really weird to me. Anyway, Stan felt responsible and never told anyone and this is where the "Nightmare" comes in. Somehow he works his way into a road show caravel and becomes the main attraction and they all finally start to make money, but I guess deep inside Stan still has trouble believing he killed Peter. Its all confusing. The playwrights I guess would have you believe that Stan has gone into some big black hole and turned to the dark side because of all the mental anguish he was being tormented by, but I didnt see it. I didnt get. The play just kept

RE:Disillusioned 1

The actors were very good. James Barbour was spot on and is really going to be something. Sarah Glendening; great to look at and she has the hottest legs in the business. Unlike like Barbour, I found Glendening voice to be although very good but very ordinary. It was nothing unique and quite forgettable. Barbour on the other hand has a voice I will remember, my friend and I were in the back of the theater and he blew us all away. But its a voice you dont hear everyday in a world that has become so main streamed with so many voices that all seem to be the same old retreads. I think thats kind of important to have voices the audience will remember; especially in a musical. His voice was the only thing Ill take away from this otherwise very boring and confusing play. The play: Wow. Scene one should have been deleted. I kept looking at my friend who has written music for musicals and kind of knows her way around the play world for some kind of reassurance that this was going to get