Next! Living the Lie

Opened Mar 26, 2003
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Santa Monica Playhouse Young Professionals' Company presents the reprise of their acclaimed Summer Stock production of Next! Living the Lie, a musical day in the life of nine young "Hollywood" actors and how their lives are forever altered by the auditions, real and imaginary, show business and otherwise, that shape their lives. With an ironic smile and tongue only slightly in cheek, the production explores the audition process, not only as it relates to the industry but also as it insinuates itself into every corner of our lives, from the school room to the living room to community room, shaping our hopes, dreams, and aspirations, most poignantly in the yet untarnished lives of our children. The show is wWritten and directed by Chris DeCarlo & Evelyn Rudie, with music by E. Rudie.

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