Mix Tape: Taking Flight!

Elephant Space
6322 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90038
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MIX TAPE: Taking Flight! 6 extraordinary & original one acts. Happy Birthday/I'm Dead. A young woman comes home from her birthday party & drunkenly discovers a dashing stranger in her apartment. Written by award-winning playwright Bekah Brunstetter. Starring Kieren van den Blink and Sam Daly. Directed by Ron Klier. Willoughby. A teenager girl comes to terms with her father's death by bonding with her estranged uncle. Written by Megan Lohne. Starring Daniele Watts and Douglas Dickerman. Directed by Mandi Riggi. End of Paralysis. Two roommates who may be in love are tested when he brings a match.com date home to meet her. Written by Thomas Moffett. Starring Dasha Flynn, John Weselcouch, and Jenn Holloway. Directed by Katie McNeill. Hanover. The new girl in school discovers a huge secret about the outcaste girl when they meet on the bench during lunch. Written by Troian Bellisario. Starring Lulu Brud and Sarah Erin Roach. Directed by Jessica Landaw. Billie Jean at the Graveyard. Michael Jackson has just died and James is upset, but his girlfriend Billie Jean is about to turn his life upside down. Written by Kieren van den Blink. Starring Omar Wilkes and Jade Lane. Directed by Kieren van den Blink. A Girl Who Likes Comics. A nerd meets the girl of his dreams while working in a comic book store. Or does he? Written by Ron Klier. Starring Michael Wilkie and Jennifer Etienne Eckert. Directed by Johnny Clark.