2hr. (1 intermission)



MARISOL was an unexpected delight! I attended on opening night not sure what to expect, but the acting was superb. Moments of laughter, intrigue and expectations that were shaken by the end of the play resulted in a standing ovation to the sold out crowd! An awesome production. Wow! What a ride!

RE:WELL worth the time!

This production features carefully-chosen actors who give life to unique characters, all working and arguing with each other in a well-designed set, so that you participate in their disputes and confrontations, progressing with Marisol from initial fear to resolution. Yes, it can be an exhausting journey. But there are moments of rage AND wonder, kindness AND responsibility. Written almost 20 years ago, the characters are in tension with each other in a sea of moral choices and options, with old standards and new thoughts that have come of age. The human condition will continue to be with us: "AM I my brothers keeper?" Marisol figures that out before June does ~ but how they will meet Lennys needs are up to us to address and resolve. This play works on so many levels that it should come with a koffeeclatsch afterward, and it does, next door, if you go with the program. This play resonates, and doesnt go away.