Journey Seekers: A Steampunk Adventure!

1hr. 15min. (1 intermission)


RE:You've Been Steampunked!

Steampunk?the underground culture of a science-fictional era, is now brought to the stage. The era of steampunk derives from fashion trends of old English Victorian ages along with pseudo-technological advances of a subsequent time-frame. Often representative by dirigibles, mechanical accessories, and of course steam-power, "Journey Seekers: A Steampunk Adventure" is a whimsical depiction of how life may have been within this fantasy world of old. As Azure Lorica Inc.s head playwrighters/directors, Stefanie Warner and Eugene Docena took the direction of "Journey Seekers" to be presented in a fanciful dream-like manner. Given their extensive backgrounds in literature, Warner and Docena provide us with poetic narrations along with fast-paced scripts to capture the audiences with suspicion of an eerily captivating setting, the Black Basilisk?a train ride from the depths of hell. Our three protagonists, Eli T. Mann by Davis Wyn, Laden W. Goodrich by Josh Polizzi and Rosette N. Glory by Kate Del Rosario, seek new and exciting lives at the end of this haunted train ride. The train conductor by Michael Heiman and Doll by Anieszka Sea discover these uninvited guests much to the trios miseries. Each of our actors and actresses have given us believable performances for the part. Wyn for his cocky yet aloof attitude; Polizzi for his arrogant self-involved persona; Rosario for her independence and calm approach; Heiman for his mystery; and Sea for her stealthy movements and grace. Music by Delicate Edge and stage management by June Del Rosario are vital factors to the presentation of these scenes. Both of which are presented with great artistic skill. And of course streampunk would be nothing without a talented costume designer. Our director/playwright, Stefanie Warner, amazingly took on this task along with all other duties aside. In the culture of steampunk, costumes are of utmost importance. Warner successfully incorporated the unique notions of this fanciful world and placed it into reality. All in all, this play is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the first ever steampunk-themed stage performance. With its limited showings, you must act quick to be a part of this momentous feat. "Journey Seekers," premiering in the Whitmore-Lindley Theather Center 11006 Magnolia Blvd. North Hollywood, CA 91601 plays from April 2 to 18th at 8:00pm Fri.-Sat., 7:00pm Sun. Tickets may be purchased from at 866811-4111. For additional information on Azure Lorica Inc. visit General admission is $18, students/seniors enter for $15, and cosplayers Sun. admit for a discounted price of $15. Purchase now before its too late.