It Came From the ______! A Choose-Your-Own-Play

1hr. 5min.
Opened Mar 8, 2013
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Have you ever left the theater muttering, "It should have ended THIS way ...' or 'The guy would NEVER marry that girl!' or 'Why didn't they just ...?' Well, the frustration is over! Theatre Mab Town Hall is making a stand for theatrical democracy and letting YOU take control of your theatre experience to see a play your way - literally! It Came From the ______! is a choose-your-own-adventure, 1950s-style B-monster-movie send-up that follows a team of scientists and their entourage as they hunt down a monster that's been attacking small-town America. You'll have three opportunities to choose how the story develops, and you might just end up chasing Soviet spies or be made a deputy sheriff!

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