Intimate Illusions: #1 Magic Show in LA

BUY TICKETS ($65 - $75)


The show was good but not great. I paid way too much for this type of show. Caution do not pay more than 30 - 40 for a ticket for this show.


I saw the show on New Years Eve. WOW! WOW! WOW! Not sure the comment by llsu was even close to accurate or not my experience. This was a gift from a friend of mine and me and my husband went. The theater was gorgeous and Ivan was the best intimate magic show weve ever seen. No large boxes, smoke and show girls. Just Ivan and the cellist who was amazing too. There were about 100 people and the cellist played throughout the entire show from everything to sound effects to funny moments that were spontaneous for them both. We were blown away as he finished each trick. The Scrabble trick and his TIME trick my husband and i talked about all the way home. Unreal. My husband got a photo with him and talked with him after and he was very friendly and hung out with his guests. Highly recommended to see this show as its really different and not a typical magic show.


the writeup advertised "Set in an intimate Italian Renaissance salon, ... Cleverly accompanied by a concert cellist..." NOT really!! this was held in a small meeting room in the Beverly Wilshire which had the ambiance of the last traffic school I attended at a local hotel - intimate salon? a well lite meeting room with chairs lined up - and dress code was advertised chic cocktail, and dress elegantly - felt kind of silly all dressed up in that meeting room. I was looking forward to the cellist, who probably played about 20 notes - the magic was good, but I really felt ripped off - paid $45 and Ive seen just as good magicians at comedy magic club for 1/3 the price and also entertained by the comedians and in a better setting -