Fun Family Festival of Tragedy



The Fun Family Festival of Tragedy consists of adaptations of some of Shakespeare's most macabre tragedies. We have turned bloody battles into pie fights and flipped murderous villainy into slapstick comedy. Macbeth and the Monster (June 11, 18, 26): All little Macbeth wants is a bedtime story to help him fall asleep. But when his mom tell his him the scary story of Macbeth and the Monster, he gets more than he bargained for. Discover who the real Scottish terror is… (Hint: It isn't the Loch Ness Monster!) Hamlet, Prince of Puddles (June 5, 18, 25): Hamlet is the Prince of Denmark, but after the untimely death of his kingly father, his mother Gertrude hastily marries his uncle Claudius. When Hamlet learns who is to blame for his father's death, he struggles to take action and becomes known as the Prince of Puddles! Find out why in this all-ages adaptation of the Bard's classic. King O'Leary (June 4, 11, 19): King O'Leary is the beloved ruler of Boomtown-where the miners mine and the streets are paved with gold. He's getting old and wants to divide his land amongst his three daughters. When his youngest cannot utter a "peep" to express her love, she is banished while the other two wreak havoc on Boomtown and oppress the miners. When Mad Tom leads a rebellion against the wicked sisters, O'Leary discovers that sometimes love is best expressed in action and not words. Titus the Clownicus (June 4, 12, 25): Titus the Clownicus, leader of the Red Nose Army, returns home from the Clown Wars after defeating neighboring Queen Tamoraclown and the Green Noses. When Titus wants to paint his rival's noses red, he sets off a clown war that escalates into madness, mayhem, and pie fights. This silly romp teaches us all that if someone is mean to you, don't be mean back or everyone will just be mean for ever and ever. L'Enfant Terrible turns Shakespeare's gory drama into rip-roaring family fare.

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