Don't Try

2hr. (1 intermission)
Opened Feb 24, 2006
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THIS SHOW HAS BEEN POSTPONED INDEFINITELY. Don't Try, an adaptation of the works of Charles Bukowski, is a grimy odyssey through the mean streets of working-class Los Angeles. If you have a taste for Tom Waits, Sin City, or single-malt scotch, this is definitely the show for you. The story tracks the life and times of 'Chinaski,' the bemused, disarming, and altogether ornery alter-ego of the author, as he scrapes together an unlikely life out of dead-end jobs, depraved relationships, sucker bets, and skid-row sadness. In short, his is the fiercely romantic anti-hero trip, which renders losers as beautiful and winners as phony. This being said, Chinaski's journey to the gutter is not simply one big bummer or hard-luck tale. To the contrary, Don't Try is also collection of the very best barstool lore at the corner dive, full of trash-talk and tall tales, both lyrical and laughable, mingled with firewater, floozies, and Fats Domino on the juke. As an author, Bukowski writes confidently about beautiful-losers like Chinaski, keeping pace with other literary hard-guys like Hemmingway, Celine, and Henry Miller. As a character, however, Chinaski runs like a long-shot nag. In Don't Try, he unexpectedly muscles his way through a pack of thoroughbreds, and shows himself tough enough to get a good look at victory, only to see the finish line and walk off the track in disgust. Group Sales Number (10+): 714-815-8283 Appropriate For Ages: 18 and over

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