Detained in the Desert



RE:This is what theater is all about!

I was invited by chance to see this play on opening night. There were 50 people on the wait list to get in and I was one of the lucky ones. I had forgotten how great theater can be! I see a lot of plays. A LOT! But if this isnt one of the best plays Ive seen in years, I give up. I had no idea what I was getting into. This play is not only poignant and funny, but it is also extremely timely having to do with Arizonas Senate Bill 1070, which would allow police to racially profile Latinos. Being of Anglo descent, I was thrown a theatrical side kick to the head and was enlightened not only on the plight of Latinos in Arizona today, but got an all around education on how great theater with a message can still be. The cast was top notch. Although it is obvious at times that some actors are newer to theater than others, their intent and honesty portrayed was admirable. Alex Castillo plays a border angel activist who intelligently and honestly portrays the passion of the immigration reformist movement. His performance is spectacularly highlighted by Carey Fox, a hate talk radio host, who pathos and comedy are brilliantly meshed for a stellar performance. By far the most outstanding and beyond appealing was Yvonne Delarosa as Sandy. My god. This is what I go to see theater for. Beauty, brains, funny and dare I say, moving. Yes, I cried. And so will you. I wont spoil it for anyone. Just take a trip just barely east of Downtown LA for a night of real honest theater. Or go see Phantom and miss what LA is truly about.