Opened Nov 27, 2010
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Over the past several years, the debate over same-sex marriage has split the country, deeply divided religious communities, and galvanized American politics. Caught is a contemporary play which examines this contentious debate through the life of one American family. The story centers around the upcoming wedding of Kenneth and Troy, a committed gay couple living in Los Angeles. Kenneth's estranged, culturally-conservative sister, Darlene, and her daughter Krystal unexpectedly visit the couple's home from south Georgia only days before the event. Through this set of circumstances, Caught explores the meaning of 'marriage,' and how the family can find a way to meet in the middle while navigating long-standing religious values and staying true to each's core beliefs.

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Mackenzie Astin, Will Beinbrink, Richard Jenik, et al Set for Extension of David L. Ray's Caught - Feb 10, 2011

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