Carmen Miranda - The Lady in the Tutti Frutti Hat

1hr. 50min.


RE:Carmen Miranda The Girl In The Tuttie Frutti Hat

Beware! We saw this mess of a show on what was supposedly opening night, which we understand has been postponed with a new director, and minus three dancers which we never saw. While the music, lead actress, and a just so-so band lots of clunkers were mildly entertaining, the long winded dialog was more than one can endure. The production had the quality of a high school drama class project. After about an hour and a half, it just ended. I mean, just ended. After the last song, they thanked the audience for coming, and left the stage. Hey, we ran out of material and its time to go. Like idiots we paid the full price of $45.00 in advance only to see it on Goldstar the next day, one week before opening. Thats confidence. Half price before opening. Judging by the large number of empty seats, someone knew something we didnt. If you insist on seeing this disaster, youd better run as it will probably close before you get the chance. Beware!