Opened Nov 3, 2006
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In Best/Worst, there are the people who like new things and there are the people who like old things. There are people who fail and there are people who succeed -- and then there are the people who die and the people who get left behind. On the cusp of a mid-life crisis, former-DJ-turned-salesman David invites his socially challenged boss, Kevin, and Kevin's hypochondriac wife, Miriam, to spend a week in Provincetown, Massachusetts. David's wife, Angela, can't seem to stop herself from foisting unwanted comfort on her best friend's widower, Eddy. Eddy grieves in his own unorthodox way -- challenging everyone's assumption of what it means to lose someone we love. And what was intended to be a dream vacation turns into a rain soaked, nerve wracking nightmare of epic proportions.

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