All the World's A Stage

Opened Apr 8, 2006
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Audience members become more than merely players when a dent is discovered in the fabric of time in the family musical, All the World's A Stage, which attempts to set things to rights by creating a real tempest in a tea pot, instigating a cross-over between the worlds of the magical and the mundane, and inspiring the inhabitants of the endangered realm of Hamelot to enlist the audience's aid in setting their out-of-balance world to rights. In this tale of misplaced characters, misadventures and mixed up stories, audiences join forces with mischievous imp Punk, buffoon Frivolio, sly parents Pyramid and Frisbe, and other denizens of the realm to insure that Jack will have his Jill, and all will be well that ends well. Written and directed by Evelyn Rudie and Chris DeCarlo.

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