All Over Again

Eclectic Company Theatre
5312 Laurel Canyon Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 91607
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This new late-night entertainment consists of a set of widely disparate monologues, most of them focusing on remembered incidents and personalities: A newly slimmed-down woman goes out clubbing when her regular man is out of town; A man breaks up with his ailing lover after her hidden compulsion is revealed; A truly unusual grandmother is eulogized; A boy's playmate is a young girl with multiple personalities; A missing boy's talking teddy bear is on the hunt for him; An animal rights advocate is called upon to deal with a swarm of fruit flies; The installation of poorly designed office cubicles inspires a corporate office mutiny; A man recalls childhood traumas; A man accidentally injures himself with an office accessory; A fellow from a small town in Massachusetts recounts its local history; A chap with a successful actress daughter longs for movies like they used to make them.

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The Eclectic Company to Present All Over Again - Apr 9, 2012

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