All About Walken: The Impersonators of Christopher Walken

1hr. 30min.


The hit show Since 2006 in L.A., S.F. and NYC celebrates 7 years of Walkin the Walken. Created by Patrick O'Sullivan (Johnny Unitas on ABC's THE NEIGHBORS and Gary Busey in Point Break LIVE!).

A group of male and female Christopher Walken impersonators take you through the life and career of the man and his place in pop culture and you'll meet many more celeb-a-likes along the way. A sketch/improv/multimedia/interactive experience. As seen and heard on Comedy Central, NPR, VH1, and Fox News "an act of absurd genius." - Los Angeles Times "the buzz has been building." - London Guardian "a show that couldn't possibly be bad." - SF Weekly - VILLAGE VOICE (Critic's Choice) in NYC 2010 "GO. (Critic's Choice)." - L.A. Weekly "the most comedically brilliant theatrical concept of the year." - CBS "like the most graceful trapeze family." - "to theatre what the Campbell's soup can is to art." -

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