All About Walken: The Impersonators of Christopher Walken

1hr. 15min.


8 male and female Walken impersonators of all shapes, colors and sizes take you through the life and career of the man and his place in pop culture. The smash L.A. hit that opened in 2006 and has been seen and heard on VH1, FOX and NPR comes back to LA after a short run in SF! Follow the comedic interactive journey of Walken's life crossing paths with the likes of Robert DeNiro, Jim Carrey, Woody Allen and more! / "an act of disturbed genius." - LA TIMES / "GO (Critic's Pick)." - LA WEEKLY / "to theatre what the Campbell's soup can is to art." - BLUE RAILROAD MAGAZINE / "a multimedia, multiethnic love letter to Christopher Walken" - SHOWMAG.COM / "like the most graceful trapeze family." - OUTSIDELEFT.COM / "The most brilliant theatrical concept of the year." - CBS / "telling people about it afterward is great fun." - BACKSTAGE WEST / "the audience was made to feel a part of the performance." - LA SPLASH 

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