A Mulholland Christmas Carol!

Sacred Fools Theater
660 N Heliotrope Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90004
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Sacred Fools Theater

660 N Heliotrope Dr Los Angeles, CA 90004


Stoneface: The Rise And Fall And Rise of Buster Keaton
Serial Killers
Hamlet Shut Up
Savin' Up For Saturday Night
A cat wrote this play.
Summer Camp: Small Things
Ten Tops: A Very Eclectic Open Performance Event!
Serial Killers: The Playoffs!
Magnum Opus Theatre: Abi's Choice
Madness in Valencia
Land of the Tigers
Forever, the Musical
Serial Killers
Resignation Day
Fast & Loose
A Mulholland Christmas Carol!
What's Love Made of, Anyway?
Serial Killers - Five Plays Enter, Three Plays Leave
43 Plays For 43 Presidents
Serial Killers
Magnum Opus Theatre: What's Love Made of, Anyway?
Home Again - The LA Concert Debut of Alexandra Billings
Welcome to the Moon and Other Plays
Tallgrass Gothic
Magnum Opus Theatre: Abi's Choice
What the Butler Saw
Puttin' on The Fritz: Two Cool New Comedies
Fast & Loose
The Retro Radio Christmas Cavalcade
A Mulholland Christmas Carol
Poona the F**kdog and Other Plays for Children
Morphine / Looney Jurden
I Wrote This!
Serial Killers
Ten Tops
Fast and Loose
A Dr. Jeuss Christmas
Gorey Stories
The Glorious and Bloodthirsty Billy the Kid
Goose and Tomtom
Slow & Tight 3 : More Of The Best Of Fast & Loose
Triple Crown
Strange Beliefs
Crime Scene!
Hot Fool Injection!
It's a Wonderful Death
Fast and Loose
Dubya 2000
Ten Tops
T.G.I.F. (Thank God It's Fool)
Icarus and Aria
2 G's
Sweet and Sour Tears
The Brides
Fool Show
Fool Samples
Jacques and His Master
Four-Letter Words