Plays by Bekah Brunstetter and Neil LaBute are among the works that will be presented in IAMA Theatre Company's one-act festival IAMAFest 2012, to take place May 18-June 10 at the Working Stage Theater.

The five pieces in this year's festival are LaBute's Call Back, directed by Jacob Chase and featuring Sarah Bassak and Graham Sibley; Brunstetter's Drunk, directed by Devon Gummersall and featuring Ingrid Haas, Laura Holloway, Margaux Susi, and Aly Trasher; Charlotte Miller's A Moment of Silence for the Living directed by Wes Whitehead and featuring Josh Stamell, Sarah Utterback, and Stefanie Black; Graham Sibley's The Foundation directed by Becca Wolff, featuring Michael Popp and Wes Whitehead; and Stefanie Black's Storytelling directed by Jamie Wollrab, with Emma Greenwell, Melissa Jane Osbourne and Mike Vogel.

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