The Wood Brothers

Opened Jan 16, 2009
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Oliver Wood honed his guitar skills in Atlanta while his brother, Chris immersed himself in the New York Jazz and Improv scene. Their divergent paths finally met at a crossroads to bring us The Wood Brothers.The songs - sung and largely composed by Oliver Wood - possess a timeless quality. Their bedrock melodies and astutely observed stories sound instantly archetypal. There are echoes of country Blues, Appalachian Bluegrass and New Orleans' R&B. Oliver's inimitable vocals - yearning, rueful, jubilant - are set within expressive yet economical arrangements created by his own impressionistic guitar riffs, Chris' nimble, note-bending bass lines and the textural percussion of Kenny Wollesen on several tracks.Chris and Oliver began playing gigs together in the spring of 2005 after having worked separately for a number of years. The gift that they provide their listeners continues to get better and better - it's just the two of them and yet one doesn't feel that there is anything missing. Together they have managed to imply the groove of a bigger band without missing a beat.

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