John Lennon Imagined: The Beatles and Solo Years



This extraordinary tribute show by The Nutopians is exciting John Lennon and Beatles fans of all ages 'Across The Universe.' Formerly the John Lennon Song Project, the group is a unique and compelling 8-piece ensemble that celebrates the genius and artistry of the music icon. Created and led by Rex Fowler of Aztec Two-Step and Tom Dean of Devonsquare, the band has arranged exquisite renditions of Lennon's song compositions from his years with the Fab Four as well as those from his solo years, often inspiring a whole new appreciation for the music. In a show that rave reviews have called "magical,' concertgoers will hear impressive lead singing, three-part harmonies and insightful song narratives, plus a host of talented musicians on acoustic, electric and bass guitars, cello, violin, piano, mandola, accordion, chromatic harmonica and light percussion.

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