Big Laughs in Bay Shore



Ross Bennett - For 30 years Ross has led a comedy attack. Armed with an expressive delivery and real life topics. Growing up with a father who was a Marine Colonel, grade school snow days, disastrous golf games and catastrophic water skiing outings, Bennett delivers a high powered comedy act. Mike Speirs - Whether he's talking about the joys and pain of being a public school teacher, surviving open heart surgery, or just reminiscing about striking out with women while bar-hopping in his former life, one thing is certain…every time Mike takes the stage audiences are sure to be alive, energized and clamoring for more. James Oakes - A favorite across the country, James is quickly becoming one of the most popular acts to hit NYC, Oakes brings his brand of humor with and Iris flair. You will be sure to laugh out loud and perhaps learn a Sea Shanty or two.

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