The Umbrellas of Cherbourg



RE:So sad to say this....but it is unbelievably bad

I could not believe how poor this was. I went with no expectations, totally open-minded, ready only to enjoy a night of theatre. But with the exception of the flittering moments of fun at the start & intermission of the show which themselves were not executed with the skill necessary to make them truly entertainingI just felt SORRY for the actors/dancers/musicians. Watching the dancers I wondered what they felt as they went through the routines they had been asked to or watched the principal characters deliver such scenes. "Embarrassment" came to mind. I understand how hard it is to make a living in the theatre so I feel so sorry for all those involved. The blame must lay with the director, the individual who had this concept, the people who didnt say at the very start "what? what are you doing? this is awful!". The umbrellas of cherbourg should only be opened again to shield the people, truly responsible for this, from the rotten fruit that should be thrown in honest response!Awful