The Revenger's Tragedy

Opened Aug 3, 2012
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A world obsessed with wealth and fame. Riots on the streets. A morally bankrupt government. Does nothing ever change? A corrupt universe where the desire for justice is confused with the obsession for revenge. A blackly comic and brutally vivid retelling of the classic revenge drama. Join us for an orgy of power struggles, popularity contests and Bunga Bunga parties... The Revenger's Tragedy is a ferociously dark play by Thomas Middleton, set in an avaricious world that seethes with vice and retribution. Set in the 1980's the play examines a broken society, corrupted from the top-down, where sex, money and fame is what drives people to action in a time of economic inequality, famine and industrial disasters. The play is a black comedy and contains scenes of a sexual and violent nature.

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Old Red Lion Theater to Present Henry V and The Revenger's Tragedy - Jul 9, 2012

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