Visions of Electric Perturbia



Cockroach Theatre presents Visions of Electric Perturbia, featuring 3 plays, 2 bands, 1 sculptor. Cockroach Theatre returns to the late night scene in Las Vegas with three new works: Visionary written by Evelyn Barnett Ashland Spade has not spoken for over 40 days. Today, she breaks her silence to justify her actions down on that subway platform. Truths and realities conflict when the sense of what is right, can not be proven with clinical sight. Robert & Anna by Elan Zafir Robert is not as soulful as Anna. Anna, is not as wealthy as Robert. For a long time they gave what the other did not have. Today, they're taking it back. Perturbed written by Ernie Curcio A fifth grade school teacher, is making a 'video love letter' for her male student Lionel. With the help of Bruce Lee, Chief Wonna Kiljoy, and Mr. Chow-Chow, Caesy Aadelson spreads words of wisdom on such topics as Cat Lovers, Female Genital Cutting, and suicide. There will be live music provided by The Las Vegas Club and Bryan Todd, along with an exhibition of visual art by Jessie Smigel.

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