Laundry & Bourbon/Lone Star



Laundry and Bourbon is set on the back porch of the Caulder's home in Maynard, Texas,mid 1970s. Elizabeth Caulder and her best friend Hattie Dealing are having a typical day in Maynard: folding laundry, talking about life in the town, and drinking high balls. They are joined by the rising town socialite Amy Lee Fullernoy. But life is not all that it seems in Maynard- despite the gossip, pancake breakfasts, bridge games, unmotivated husbands, and unruly children- through the antics and hillarity of three small town women we see both hurt and healing. Lone Star is set behind Angel's Bar in Maynard, Texas. Roy Caulder's having a typical night in his home town, drinking, rough housing, driving his prized 1959 pink Thunderbird convertible and raising hell in Maynard. But its not been the same for Roy since he returned from the war in Vietnam. His wife doesn't understand, his brother Ray doesn't understand, and frankly neither does he. Tonight is not a typical night in Maynard, however, both Ray and Ray's friend Cletis Fullernoy have something to tell Roy that will change his life forever.

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