Bred and Terra Verde

1hr. 20min.


Playwrights in Residence at the Katherine Gianaclis Park for the Arts, Erica Griffin and Ernie Curcio, present two of their new plays for a two weekend run. Bred Written by Erica Griffin Directed by Geo Nikols Starring Ernie Curcio, Hannah Fryar and Saffron Mazzia Catch is an aspiring musician that feels stuck playing in cover bands in Boulder City. When a beautiful but peculiar young groupie named Alice brings him home one night after a gig, Catch suddenly finds himself caught in a strange reality… a reality where the innocent Daphne is routinely abused by her sister Alice in order to make sense of their parents incestous love affair and double suicide. Catch faces his own insecurities as Alice unravels and his compassion for Daphne grows. Terra Verde Written by Ernie Curcio Directed by Daneal Doerr Starring Erik Amblad, Melanie Ash, Jamie Carvelli, Ernie Curcio and Geo Nikols Phil and Ron, two high school buddies, reunite for the first time since Ron's moved to New York. All dressed up and ready to go the Halloween Ball at the Hard Rock, Ron's paralyzed with the announcement that Phil's wife has invited her brother Joey to come with him, who just moved back from New York and has become addicted to crystal meth. When Joey arrives with his girlfriend White Bitch, the ball gets put on hold, and Ron loses his costume as his true character comes to light.

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