The Pyrates

Opened Jun 27, 2004
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Landlocked Midwesterners are invited to become encrusted in sea salt and cutlass wounds with this world premiere production of The Pyrates. Based on the original original novel by Geroge MacDonald Fraser, the story has been adapted for the stage by The Defiant Theatre company. The story takes place in the age of sail. The dashing and heroic Avery must protect the Madagascar Crown on it's high seas journey. Thwarted by a confederation of pyrates, he and a lusty Hibernian pragmatist, Blood struggle to recover the jewels, go pound-for-pound against the pyrates, repeatedly resuce the prissy socialite, Vanity, keep the maiden Meliflua rape-free, and tip the geopolitical balance of power by defeating the corpulent, sadistic, and loosely-dentured Spanish Viceroy, Don Lardo.

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