O Yes I Will



How much do we say when we speak? Yet what if we speak truth and aren't there to hear it? In Obie Award winning playwright Deb Margolin's O Yes I Will, a woman is amazed to learn that just prior to going under for surgery, she talked, talked and talked for 12 straight minutes without stopping! This unmediated aria, performed before a bunch of men in scrubs with knives, was known to them but unknown to her. Was it love she talked about? Politics? Sex? Conspiracy theory? Evasion? Ontology? Requests for a ménage à trois, quatre or cinq? What kinds of things do you say when your body and mind are engaged but not married? This comic tour-de-force for one actor is a kind of Scherezade for the surgery-bound, and offers five radically different possibilities of what she might have said outside the realm of conscious volition. In doing so, she explores the essential nature of language itself, the indomitable human spirit in the face of adversity, what it means to live in a woman's body, and the role of theatre and imagination in our lives. A Play by Deb Margolin; Directed by Lisa Jo Epstein; Featuring Michelle Horman

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