lost & found: the anniversary series

Opened Jun 30, 2007
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On June 28th, Queer Soup Theater will celebrate their 5 year anniversary as a Boston-based performance troupe with their festival of new plays: lost & found: the anniversary series. The production is a selection of original work created by Queer Soup's producers and guest playwrights. lost & found will consist of the following plays: "Magillicutti" (Renèe C. Farster), "Paris" (Lyralen Kaye), "October" (Ginger Lazarus), "The Sanzibell Putt-Putt Rally" (Jess Martin), "Gutting" (Karen 'Mal' Malme), and "Honey, I'm So Lonesome, I Don't Know What To Do" (Betsy Phillips) and "Behind Queer Soup" (film by Kathy Wittman). The performances will be presented repertory style with the cast rotating through multiple roles and genders throughout the evening, and the cast features Queer Soup alum as well as a couple of new faces: Paul Dixon, Becca A. Lewis, Karen 'Mal' Malme, Cheryl Singleton, and Kathy Wittman.

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