I Found My Horn

1hr. 15min.


Harry Burton will direct I Found My Horn, a new play by Jasper Rees and Jonathan Guy Lewis, at the Tristan Bates Theatre from 1 to 20 December 2008, with the press night on December 1st. I Found My Horn, adapted from the book by Jasper Rees, will be performed by Jonathan Guy Lewis. Lighting is by Jeremy Coney with sound design by Daniel Thomason. I Found My Horn is presented by Sweet Spot Productions. A man wakes up at forty to a broken marriage, a beckoning bedsit, and the realisation that he has done nothing to make himself memorable. Then he clambers into the attic... After a lay-off of 25 years, he seeks redemption via the sixteen feet of treacherous brass tubing he never mastered in his youth. Resuming his old French horn, he sets himself an impossible task: to perform a Mozart concerto in front of a paying audience of horn fanatics. Jonathan Guy Lewis plays Jasper Rees - and everyone he encounters - on this voyage of musical discovery, from his old school conductor to the greatest German soloist since the war. And, of course, Mozart.

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