Grandpa, It's Not Fitting

1hr. 30min.
Opened Jul 6, 2007
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Will Franken's latest solo show, Grandpa It's Not Fitting takes audiences on a strange and satirical trip to Westminster Abbey for the Final Broadcast of the Christian Faith, to a prison cell for a heart-to-heart talk with everybody's favorite political prisoner, Too-koo Moo-moo, and for a ride on a doomed aircraft piloted by 9-year-old Captain Griffin. There are some political chants from the Common Book of Chants, and everybody gets all nice and screwed-up and cheated out of their life savings by the Lord of Scientology. And, if everybody's really good, Will just might attempt to play the piano with his bare hands! Grandpa, It's Not Fitting might not fit the mainstream, but it just might fit you!

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