Doubting Thomason

1hr. 20min.


When five members of a theater company learn they do not have the rights to perform the play Killer Joe, days before opening, they must write/rehearse/perform a new play in one week! And they must use the same actors, the same exact set and (for reasons that will become clear) include a man-man kissing scene. The theater company in question is comprised of Teddy (a flamboyant drama queen with claws as sharp as his wit), Kate (who longs to be on a soap opera and followed by paparazzi), Jake (a laid back surfer dude with ample bong wisdom), Lynette (an accomplished director who lives for the theatre) and Thomason (the company writer who will live in the theater as he writes the new play). The actors are diametrically opposed characters from the new play being written by Thomason. The two worlds embark on a collision course until the final climax on opening night!