Cut to the Chase



The Artistic Home Studio presents Cut to the Chase, a one-act festival. This eighth annual event offers six new short plays that have the distinction of getting straight to the heart of the story. This year's Cut to Chase line-up is as follows: Fire Ball by Lindsay Price, directed by Ensemble Member Luis Crespo and featuring new Ensemble Member Matt Welton and Sue Redman. Suicide Notes by Isabella Russell-Ides, directed by Artistic Associate Greg Guyles and featuring Elizabeth Keats, Laura Spatz and Veronica Lynn. Last Days of Communism by Sharon Eberhardt, directed by Kaiser Ahmed and featuring Brett Colbeth and Jocelyn Kelvin. Break-Room Deluxe by Cavan P.M. Hallman, directed by Dan Harris and featuring Leticia Ramirez, Phil Wasik, Natalie Koltz and Nicholas Hernon. February Morning by Adam Galassi, directed by Faculty Member Monica Payne and featuring Levi Petree, Amy Rising and Luke Hammons. 32 by Joshua Rollins, directed by Alyson Roux and featuring Joe McCauley and Sadieh Rafai.

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