Barefoot in the Park

Opened Aug 23, 2007
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Neil Simon's second play, Barefoot in the Park, is the classic romantic comedy about a conservative young lawyer Paul Bratter and his free-spirited newlywed bride Corie. The comedy follows the young couple as they move from the giddy joy of a six day honeymoon at The Plaza, into the crazy reality of starting married life in a fifth-floor walkup in New York City. Of course it doesn't help that the apartment is absolutely bare of furniture, the paint job came out all wrong, the skylight leaks snow, there isn't room for a double bed, and an outlandish neighbor who lives in a loft on the roof uses it, and the window ledge, as the only access to his padlocked premises. A joyful night of comedy for all!

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Bree Williamson to Star in Barefoot in the Park - Aug 14, 2007

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