Angel Feathers



Making its World Premiere, Greg Suddeth's Angel Feathers is a two-act dark comedy set in Roy and Mona Rogers' enclosed back porch. All the characters, except for the visiting daughter from New York City, have cancer - but Roy and the blind family dog are terminal. After hearing distant arias and the flutter of angel feathers, Roy is Heaven bent on answering the call and taking the dog with him. Standing in his way are his wife, the Jewish couple next door, and ultimately his only child. Roy first alarms his loved ones by warding off the pain with liquid morphine and 7-Up, and selling off his possessions at the couple's yard sale. Why won't he fight for his life? What has he lost inside? For all his cantankerous stubbornness, nobody around him is ready for him to leave. When asked by his daughter if the angels will come to get him and his dog, Roy replies, "They only summon you. How we get there is up to us" and pulls out a .22 pistol. What will he do? And what will happen to his dog? Directed by Cinda Jackson and Mark Adair-Rios. The cast includes Jane George, Barry Livingston, Wendy Phillips, Jenny Dare Paulin, and Greg Suddeth.