Everything Freezes: another winter's tale



RE:Striking Riff on Shakespearean "Problem Play"

SideShows first play, Dante Dies! grabbed you by the heart; this new gentler play haunts you and forces you to wonder how much you resemble the overly rational King Leontes. The play is not an adaptation of Winters Tale; instead Green and McGough take one of Shakespeares odder moments a statue comes to life and builds it into a metaphor for our collective inability to participate fully into the miracles of our lives. The play is most likely too long but ultimately, through the use of genuine poetic language and stage images, it builds to a sophisticated, lump in your throat conclusion that is both smart and emotionally sound. This is oddball, risky theater that despite its quirky, usually presentational style, involves the audience in the problems the playwrights want to explore. I recommend it and advise allowing the play to take you where it will.