Elton John's Glasses

2hr. (1 intermission)


Appetite Theatre Company ends its 2005 season with Elton John's Glasses, the 1996 British comedy about love, rivalry, and family reconciliation. Bill, an agoraphobic whose life obsession revolves around his local soccer team's failure to win the Cup Final, reunites with his younger brother Dan, the leader of a fledgling band that has lost their instruments and has nowhere to go. Bill has an obsession with soccer that verges on madness -- he is convinced his team's defeat was caused by the striker being temporarily blinded by a flash of sunlight that reflected from glasses belonging to Elton John, who is in the stands that day. While Dan is trying to sort out the future of the band, Bill discovers that his Saturday afternoon girlfriend has a 16-year-old football-fan daughter as well as a history with Dan. The brothers' meeting after so many years forces them to see each other honestly for the first time, and through each others eyes, they are able to more clearly see themselves. Liz Warton directs.

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