Meet Me in St Louis

Opened Sep 29, 2009
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High on the list of best-loved family films from Judy Garland's MGM career, Meet Me in St. Louis makes its TUTS debut as a lavish stage musical. Gorgeous turn-of-last-century costumes, a wonderful score, and the warm humor of nostalgic romance combine in a brand-new show with old-fashioned appeal for all ages. With a real moving trolley to make Esther's heartstrings go "zing zing zing!" and a Victorian home setting that even Martha Stewart would endorse, Meet Me in St. Louis is the kind of show TUTS has the reputation of always delivering... a wonderful classic from the golden age of musical comedy. It's the one you'll want to share with all your loved ones --- a cavalcade of family fun.

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Anneliese van der Pol, Lynne Wintersteller, et al. Set for TUTS Meet Me In St. Louis - Sep 11, 2009

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