Little Nell the Orphan Girl

2hr. (2 intermission)
Opened Jul 19, 2013
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Amanda Tillinghast, a wealthy aristocratic, and her handsome son Trelawney, do not suspect that Daryl Blessingham, Trelawney's closest friend, is an evil scoundrel. Unbeknownst to all, Daryl is conspiring to gain possession of the Tillinghast family fortune and the cheese factory as well! Beautiful orphan Nell Noble was hired as a maid in their home, but she and Trelawney experience love at first sight. The odds are stacked against the love birds with Daryl and Amanda's secretary conspiring to undermine them. At risk are the Tillinghast fortune, the cheese factory, and Little Nell as well! Will nothing stop him? Can nothing be done? Is all lost?

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