The Tale of the Allergist's Wife

Opened Oct 12, 2006
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An award winning hit at the Manhattan Theatre Club and on Broadway, The Tale of the Allergist's Wife is a radical departure for Charles Busch, the well-known author of extravagant spoofs like Vampire Lesbians of Sodom and Psycho Beach Party. Marjorie Taub, the wife of a philanthropic allergist, is engulfed in a life crisis of Medea like proportions. Her children are grown, her beloved therapist died recently and her bowel obsessed mother incessantly needles her. She tries to lose herself in a world of art galleries, foreign films and avant guard theatre, but finds she is barely able to rouse herself from her sofa. Her spirits suddenly soar when a fascinating and incredibly worldly friend from her childhood appears on her doorstep. Is Lee the savior that Marjorie has been seeking or something altogether more sinister?

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