A Kid's Life

Opened Apr 20, 2007
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This inspiring new musical is about Zack, a 5-year-old boy, and his golden retriever-best friend Starsky. Together they embark on a fun-filled adventure through their hometown where they meet Zoe, a spunky yet shy 5-year-old girl, who is new to town. As Zack and Zoe's musical journey unfolds, they become best friends and Zack eventually helps bring Zoe out of her shell. Together, the children embark on a musical adventure where they meet new friends including a beautiful owl (Bella) who reminds them that animals have feelings too; and orange tree (Bart) that gives them a better understanding of nature; an enchanting talking clock (Old Ben) that teaches the kids the importance of time; and the friendly store clerk (Mr. Sullivan) that helps the children understand just how wonderful A Kid's Life can be!

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