2012 FringeNYC Roundup #6
Reports on New York International Fringe Festival shows Decompression, Mahmoud, and Would.
Gideon Productions to Stage Mac Rogers' Blast Radius
By Teddy Alvaro · Theater News
Gideon Productions will present Mac Roger's Blast Radius, March 30-April 14 as part of BFG Collective's six month long residency at The Secret Theatre. Bl
FringeNYC Announces Excellence Awards, Encores Series
By Brian Scott Lipton · Theater News
Kent Meister, Matthew Trumbell, Rebecca Comtois, and Amy Lynn Stewart in Viral. The 2009 recipients for FringeNYC's Overall Excellenc
FringeNYC 2009: Roundup #7
Reports on The Boxer, Candide Americana, and Dancing with Abandon.
FringeNYC 2009: Roundup #5
Reports on Ether Steeds, Bargains & Blood, and Dolls.
FringeNYC 2009: Roundup #4
Reports on The Adventures of Alvin Sputnik, Two on the Aisle, Three in a Van, Citizen Ruth, and Winnemucca.
FringeNYC 2009: Roundup #3
Reports on Viral, John and Greg's High School Reunion, For the Love of Christ!, and The Most Mediocre Story Never Told.
FringeNYC 2009: Roundup #2
Reports on How Now, Dow Jones, Tales from the Tunnel, Look After You, and The Doctor and the Devils.
FringeNYC 2009: Roundup #1
Reports on Vote!, The Event, Afterlight, and Notes on the Land of Earthquake and Fire.
Fred Berman, Sarah Litzsinger, Colin Hanlon Set for Revised How Now, Dow Jones at FringeNYC
By Dan Bacalzo · Theater News
Colin Hanlon Fred Berman, Sarah Litzsinger, and Colin Hanlon will star in a newly revised version of the musical How Now, Dow Jones, which will play the 2009 ...