Hotel Pickle

Opened Apr 13, 2007
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Alex and Rolly are struggling to make a success of a once-elegant hostelry in the Hamptons, but it's tough - especially with the owner, Lucinda Pickle, breathing down their necks. Of course it doesn't help that the hotel's permanent resident, Mrs. Prescott, collects pet mice; that the hotel chef, Cookie, is given to bursting into tears and resigning; and that a petty criminal, Willis the pickpocket, is looking for a place to hide out. When Hollywood horror movie producer Julian K. Silverblatt checks in with his vain bodyguard and his sneezing secretary, things really go nuts. Add two romance plots and soon everything spins out of control. Sam Havens' Hotel Pickel is appropriate for all ages. Sunday performances are scheduled for April 15 and 22 only.

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