Shen Yun



Shen Yun presents colorful and exhilarating performances of classical Chinese dance and music. A performance by Shen Yun is a presentation of traditional Chinese culture as it once was: a study in grace, wisdom, and the virtues distilled from the five millennia of Chinese civilization. Each year, Shen Yun Performing Arts debuts a spectacular new production. Shen Yun's one-of-a-kind orchestra, with its all-original compositions, blends East and West like no other. Animated backdrops transport the audience to another world. Projected behind the dancers, the hi-tech images lift the stage and set it amidst blossoming landscapes, deep forests, Mongolians prairies, or celestial paradises. One of the features that strikes audience members most is Shen Yun's colorful costumes. These hundreds of gorgeous, hand-made garments span China's dynasties, regions, and ethnic groups. China has a 5,000-year history steeped in rich values and the idea that humanity and the divine are intertwined. This idea is built right into the name "Shen Yun," which in context translates as "the beauty of divine beings dancing."

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