Sherlock Holmes: The Baker Street Irregulars

BUY TICKETS ($20 - $38)
2hr. (1 intermission)
Previews Nov 28, 2017


Dobama Theatre presents the regional premiere of Sherlock Holmes: The Baker Street Irregulars, by Eric Coble from the graphic novels by Tony Lee and Dan Boultwood, and directed by Nathan Motta.

It's December on the streets of London, Sherlock Holmes is missing, and a young girl's grandmother has been abducted. Who will save the day? The Baker Street Irregulars — a group of orphans, pickpockets, inventors, and artists hired by Sherlock himself to help solve cases. Can a gang of street kids find Sherlock, unravel a mystery from their own past, and defeat a masked villain who just might be the evil Professor Moriarty himself? The game's afoot! Sherlock Holmes is a fun holiday show for all ages that investigates what it means to be a family.

Contains fog and lighting effects.

Visit the Sherlock Holmes: The Baker Street Irregulars website: