Dave Goorman's Googlewack Adventure

Opened Sep 13, 2005
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What is a Googlewhack? Simply put, if you type two unrelated words into the Google search engine and get only one hit - you have created a Googlewhack. Most word combinations entered get multiple hits, often as many as 50,000; a Googlewhack combination is a relatively rare occurrence. Examples include: unicyclist/periscopes, dork/turnspit or pomegranate/filibusters. For most people, Googlewhacking is an amusing way to pass a few minutes - unless you are Dave Gorman. Gripped by his Googlewhacking obsession, Gorman traversed the globe three times, tracing the sources of these word juxtapositions, meeting an unlikely cast of real-life eccentrics and coercing them to become co-dependents to his crippling addiction. The result is this riotously funny memoir that takes the audience to the shadiest intersections of the worldwide web.

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