pH Comedy Theater
1515 West Berwyn Avenue
Chicago, IL 60640


The pH Comedy Theater, located at 1515 W. Berwyn, is the home of not-for-profit comedy arts organization, pH Productions. pH Productions has been putting up original comedic work since 2002. The name pH comes from the idea of group chemistry. In science, the pH scale is used to measure how acidic or basic a substance is which explains pH Productions perfectly as they have a wide range of performers and shows that all add up to one funny solution. pH Productions' productions are a fully participatory experience and the audience leaves most every show having contributed to its outcome. pH also strives to be an affordable alternative, with most ticket prices $15 or less. pH Productions is also the producer of the Chicago Zombie Pub Crawl, which began in 2008 and welcomes nearly 1000 zombies into the bars of Andersonville every spring.